Weirdly: adv. In a strikingly odd or unusual manner
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08-01-2009 Updates

I'm afraid I've been very out of touch lately as far as this blog is concerned, and quite a few noteworthy things have happened and gone sadly unreported.

Firstly and most important, Celeste and I are now engaged! Needless to say, this thrills me to bits. I know this will sound like the ravings of a man madly in love (which I most certainly am), but we really are a match made in whatever blissful location one's deity allows.

On a far less thrilling note, the other big news is that I am once again on the job hunt. Layoffs being as little fun as they are though, I have to say I'm once again finding myself surprisingly unbothered by it. I think there are two key reasons for this. First, Celeste keeps my morale quite high just being the all-around awesome person that she is. Also, I miss living in Ottawa. Don't get me wrong on this point - London's actually a nice town, and less expensive to live in. It's just that Ottawa is home-turf for both of us, and most of the people we know live in and around there.

That being said, I'm not at all against moving somewhere else or even staying here if the right opportunity shows up. I am looking primarily on Ottawa and Montreal though. If you know any good leads (or happen to be a potential employer), please do drop me a line!

The only other "update" I have is that of my origami page, It has recieved a very significant overhaul and a complete re-write of the back end. The layout and design of the page was done by Celeste, who has both a natural talent and work experience in the field. The back-end coding is my own work. The big change on the back-end is that it no longer queries the data from a MySQL database. This was becoming cumbersome as the database was stored on a separate machine from the page itself. Instead, I wrote some PHP functions that generate AWK commands to extract the data from local text files. This has the advantages of not only being faster, but also far more portable and with more malleable data.

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