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17-08-2005 2005 Bicycle Tour - Day 5

It is with a certain degree of disappointment that I turn around at this point, but that is what I am doing. My bike is in ill repair, my bum hurts, and I would very much like to go home, relax, and bum around town doing nothing.

So I will be heading east from this point on. I believe I will take highway #2, which goes along the southeast border of Ontario, and eventually turn up toward Ottawa when I hit Kingston. That highway was actually suggested by a complete stranger I encountered at a bus stop here in Toronto, while waiting on an occupied payphone. It looks like a good route once I get out of the metropolitan area and out past Oshawa. I think I'll just push myself until I feel I've gone too far, and then hit the first motel I can find.

Before doing so, I'll hit a bicycle shop here in Toronto to replace my rear wheel. with any luck, that will make the ride somewhat smoother, easing up on the sore bum I currently get after a paltry 80km. I don't know if I will be able to do any more blogs before getting back into Ottawa, as I don't know where I'll be stopping or whether or not they'll have internet access. In other words, if you see no more notes for the next three days, it still doesn't mean I'm in any sort of trouble.

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