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09-06-2007 My bicycle is now laminated

A couple of weeks ago I posted a note on facebook saying that I was lamenting my bicycle. A friend of mine commented that he had misread it as saying that I was laminating my bicycle. I thought that was such a great idea that I had to try it out. I've completed the job now, having put together a full rendering of my bicycle, laminated on to the street.

I put this together using Blender, a really nice open-source 3D modeling/animation/etc. program. One thing that separates this from a lot of my previous work in Blender is that fact that I didn't feel the need to touch it up with GIMP afterwards.

In making this I learned a couple of aspects of blender that come in very handy. The laminated layer was made by creating a flat grid of verticies as an object above the bicycle, and then using "proportional" editing - which makes the editing of one vertex affect the verticies around it in a dissipating manner - to drag the points down on to the bicycle and the surrounding ground. The other thing I learned was how to apply more than one material to the same surface (rather than using separate objects to represent separate materials. This is how the white strips on the asphalt are painted, despite being the same surface as the rest of the ground.

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