Weirdly: adv. In a strikingly odd or unusual manner
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16-01-2008 I guess it's a blog now

The Bin

I never thought much of "blogs" - just another thing on the web to read. I think I was originally turned off from the concept because "web log" sounds too much like "online diary" for my liking. And yet now I find myself sporadically writing my thoughts on my site, dating them, indexing them, giving them titles...

Yep, sounds like a blog to me.

So rather than continuing to clutter up the main index page with them, I decided it was time to tidy things up and package them in separate section of the site. Lo and behold, I conveniently have "the bin" which was originally intended for a fairly similar purpose that never really went anywhere. So now I present the bin part deux - a large cavity where my general thoughts, ideas, writings and rants will reside.

I've made a few other touch-ups on this page as well, cleaning up the artwork section to properly incorporate the new mazes category, pulling out some no longer used code, and doing a bit of general upkeep.

So this particular blog (yes, I'll concede, it is indeed a blog), doesn't have much meat to it I'm afraid, just a quick "Hey! Changed stuff! Let's try it out!".

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