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12-04-2008 Tour Nortel 2008

Once again I'm doing the Tour Nortel this year. As written on their pledge site, "Tour Nortel is a fundraiser for the CHEO Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Candlelighters. Participants collect pledges and cycle, in-line skate or walk to help kids with cancer and win great prizes".

I will of course be cycling in this event, doing the 80km tour. To add a little distance to the trip, I plan on getting to and from the starting point under my own steam as well. That should bring my total distance for the day up to 120 km.

My goal here is to raise $200. If you'd like to make a donation, it will be going to a really great cause, and can be done by clicking here. If you'd like to contribute with action instead, you might be interested in volunteer roles that need to be filled, or even Registering to ride and start drumming up pledges!

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