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Jacob A. Ewing

Seeking a long-term software development position that requires strong creativity and problem solving skills.

Technical Skills
Software Development Web Development Server Administration
Graphic Design Mathematics Quality Assurance
Problem Solving Time Management Customer Service
Programming Languages
PHP JavaScript C/C++
BASIC Perl TorqueScript
Pascal 8086 Assembly Java
July 2015 - May 2020: Curling Canada - Web Application Developer

Designing, developing and maintaining web applications running on a LAMP platform, Server administration, and Internal technical support. The two main projects I developed were:

  • Internal requisition and expense system (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Apache, GNU/Linux)

    My first project here was to develop a replacement for the third party purchasing and expense system. This was built from scratch, and made to fit the company's internal needs.

  • Volunteer signup and management system

    A method of allowing volunteers to sign up for events, allocating them to teams, scheduling tasks, printing badges.

June 2009 - July 2015: Lightbox Technologies - Software Developer

Developing and maintaining web sites and applications to run on LAMP and LAPP platforms. Other tasks include server maintenance and client care. My contributions here span a wide range of projects, including:

  • Stock trading systems (PHP, Python, JavaScript, Django, MySQL)

    Much of our later work was focused on the development, maintenance and operation of three separate web sites, each of which fills a different niche in the trading of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. This requires extreme care in security and data accuracy, as well as strong code testing.

  • Online training system (PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL)

    My main focus upon starting here was the maintenance and extension of a client's online training system used for companies with large employee bases. Some of my contributions to this system include:

    • A "One Armed Bandit" game, with server controlled (AJAX) winning probability and scheduled prize allocation.
    • A "Monster Truck" game in which the player drives a sport truck up and off of a ramp with the ambition of clearing a set of obstructions. Again controlling wins server-side via AJAX.
    • The administrative system for managing and reporting on prizes won from those games.
    • A system for automating database updates for end clients, synchronizing them with SVN code updates.

  • Science Fair In A Box (JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL)

    Another major focus on this job was maintaining "Science Fair In A Box" ( SFIAB is an open-source system for administering science fairs, used nationwide in Canada, and in parts of the U.S. Much of my contribution is in updating the trunk version of the code to handle multiple fairs simultaneously, as well as alternate fair types. This required a major restructuring of the database and all of the code using it.

  • Website Development/Maintenance (JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Apache)

    The other major focus of this job was to develop and update web sites for various clients. This work is primarily done using HTML5 standards on a LAMP system.

Working here, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in several tools, systems and languages, including PHP, JavaScript, the jQuery library, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, SVN, Apache, GNU/Linux systems, CSS, HTML5, and Awk.

May 2008 - December 2008: Beanbag Studios - Game Programmer and Developer

Working both independently and as a team member on the development of computer games. Within my stay at Beanbag Studios, my key accomplishment was the development of the game "Card Games For Dummies" (not yet published). I entered this project in the inital development stages, and carried it through to the final product.

My key contributions to this project are:

  • Writing the gameplay logic for eight of the ten included games
  • Developing the AI players for competing in each of the games. This included a wide range of necessary AI strength, from simple games such as "Crazy Eights" to more complicated ones like "Spades".
  • Initial design of game levels
  • Integrating tailored visual and audio artwork into all of the games
  • Resolving bugs and adding new features as requested
Additional Accomplishments
  • Gaining a working knowledge of the language TorqueScript, as well as in-house libaries
  • Contributing to in-house libraries with the development of a versatile undo handling system
  • Assisting in porting existing code to the Xbox360 platform
March 2006 - March 2008: Sitebrand Inc. - Technical Support Engineer
Assisting clients with the integration and use of scripts within their web sites. This position required strong development skills with the ability to quickly diagnose and debug client code. Functions in this job included:
  • Developing and customizing code to fit the individual needs of clients
  • Helping clients build and integrate dynamic scripts into their web sites
  • Quality Assurance and product testing
  • Troubleshooting technical problems with data capture, code execution and system performance
  • Contributing ideas and design suggestions for new versions of the system
  • Database administration
  • Managing SSL certificates for clients
  • Internal network management and IT services
Additional Accomplishments
  • Designed and developed software to fetch client data, test for errors and conflicting records, and pass it into a master table through ODBC. (PHP, MySQL, HTML, Awk)
  • Wrote static code that clients could use to report transaction data on "Yahoo" shopping carts. (JavaScript)
  • Created instruction and command list generators for ordering, renewing, and implementing SSL certificates for individual clients. (PHP, HTML, Awk, Curl)
  • Created a database and web interface for managing unique IP addresses assigned to individual clients. (PHP, MySQL)
  • Wrote a series of scripts for generating "canned answers" for client issues. (PHP)
September 2003 - March 2006: IGS/Avalonworks - IT Support Specialist
Working with a small group of IT professionals in a variety of technical roles. Tasks included end-user technical support, developing and maintaining web pages and server scripts, debugging previously developed software, and setting up web hosting for businesses and end users. Accomplishments on this job included:
  • Design and development of a web form used for deleting oversized e-mails from the server (
  • Built a dynamic web interface allowing customers to sign up for DSL service.
  • Created a script that alerts staff when time-sensitive tasks are approaching their due-date.
  • Developed a database and series of web forms for tracking inventory.
Other responsibilities included collecting and maintaining call statistics, configuring hardware for the customers, registering domains and maintaining DNS records and domain information.
January 2000 - August 2003: Convergys/Taima Corp - Technical Support Adviser
A team member in a call center responsible for providing technical support for the customers of various internet providers throughout Canada and the US. Duties included troubleshooting connectivity issues on dial-up, ISDN and cable, walking customers through setting up and working with internet software (browsers, mail, FTP, etc.), and resolving abuse and billing issues. Other duties include logging all calls with call-tracking software (HEAT, Remedy), and meeting service level targets such as call length, closure rate, and availability. Customer service and professionalism are important and ever-present considerations when on the job.
  • is a web page that I developed for presenting artwork. It makes extensive use of PHP, and AWK. The pages viewed within the Gallery section are generated by a PHP script, using AWK to retrieve their contents from local data files.
  • Software that I've developed, as well as written and graphical artwork, can be viewed at
  • Professional references are available upon request.

Although I participate in a wide range of arts and sports, I spend much of my free time developing software, having discovered my enjoyment of it at a very young age.

My latest projects have been the in-line games viewable at These games are done entirely in JavaScript, with PHP on the back end. The graphic work is handled by simple HTML elements in some of the games, and by HTML5 canvases in others.