Weirdly: adv. In a strikingly odd or unusual manner

I recently acquired a handy peripheral device for my computer. It's a scanner/copier/printer all-in-one bundle. This allows me to scan more tangible artwork into my computer and present it to the world in a digital form.

This leads me straight into reviving some work I did many years ago, when I very much enjoyed drawing mazes. I started doing this in grade school and carried on for some time after. I'm very happy to pull these out of the chasms of my desk drawer and present them here. You can click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger (and usable) copy of the image.

Maze 1

This maze is one of my favourites. There's nothing spectacualrly special in the way it's drawn, but I believe it's one of the most difficult ones I've made. It's also one of my earlier ones, and holds a certain amount of pride as a result.

Maze 2

I started experimenting a little with symmetries and rotations in this one.

Maze 3

This one was drawn when someone complained of the mazes being too difficult to solve.

Maze 5

I am extremely happy to bring this one to life digitally. The orginal work was damaged beyond use by exposure to water. I'm quite glad I didn't throw it out, and can now present it to the world.

Maze 4

This is another one that was rescued by digitization. It too was badly damaged by water.

Maze 6

This is one of my earlier ones, and has been very heavily touched up on the computer. The original was done with a cheap ball-point pen, and needed a lot of correction and tidying done when scanned into the computer.

Maze 6

Another one that was originally drawn with a cheap ball-point pen, and thus needed several touch-ups.